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Our Services: Services

Living and Thriving

Papa's Place provides a full-continuum of care for all of our clients.  Our program is set to meet the needs of individuals whether they only need a few hours a day or 24/7 supervision.  We've got you covered!

DAY PROGRAM - $18.00 Per Hour

Papa's Place provides a daytime activity-based center to any individual over the age of 18.  At our center you will see participants engaged in activities that focus on abilities while stimulating components of their physical, social and mental health. Medication and meals are available while in attendance at the day center. 

Day center services are available in hourly, half-day (4 hours), or full (8 hours) blocks of time. 

IN HOME HEALTH CARE - Pricing Varies Based on Program

Our in-home health services provide home care aides in each individual's home to assist with a multitude of supervisory and hands-on care. Our home care aides are highly trained and specialize in the care that they provide to your loved ones.  Our aide's many different services such as meal preparation, assistance with bathing, light housekeeping, and so much more.


Managing ever-changing medications can be a tedious and confusing task for seniors.  Papa's Place, in coordination with the primary physician, can help with managing medications providing medication reminders, re-ordering, medication pick-up and delivery and so much more.       

ASSISTED LIVING - $4000.00 Per Month

Tustin House is a 12-bed state licensed assisted living home that provides 24/7 staffing.  Our residents are provided on-site medical care, trained staff, and all care provided at an all-inclusive care in a beautiful 6500 sq. feet residential home with a breathtaking country setting.       

Case Management

This is a collaborative and systematic approach to helping individuals navigate and access various services and resources to address their specific needs. It involves assessing a person's situation, creating personalized plans, coordinating services, and advocating for the individual to ensure they receive the appropriate support. It aims to improve the well-being and quality of life for individuals by connecting them with the right resources, promoting self-sufficiency, and addressing any challenges they may faces. This include but not limited to Client Assessment, Care Planning, Coordination of Care, Resource Management, Monitoring and Evaluation.

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