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Pursuit of Health and Happiness

Papa's Place was developed by Owner/Founder, Nicole Haney. After many years working in the healthcare industry both clinically and administratively, she knew there was a need for families to have access to better quality care for their aging loved ones. 


Nicole's grandfather "Papa" was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and began to struggle with the basic day-to-day skills, and it was through his diagnosis that Nicole discovered her true calling lied in the world of senior care, thus came "Papa's Place."  


Papa's Place is an all-inclusive senior care agency that provides multiple services to seniors and their families both in their homes and outside of their homes to ensure that seniors are provided consistent, quality, and person-centered care.  Papa's Place offers a day program located in Reed City which is directed by a Registered Nurse and Certified Dementia Practitioner.  Papa's Place also provides home care services to individuals in their homes such as Family Respite services, End-of-Life care, Community Living support, Medication Management programs, transportation services, and much more.

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